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One of many messages I have received:

Hi Liz,

A friend of mine contacted me recently to request details of the breeder of our lovely Bengals as they are so good natured and sociable, and so I have just been looking at your website again.  Consequently I thought I’d drop you a line to let you know how Max and Spartacus are getting on!   They are both very happy, very sociable boys – probably all of the neighbours for a half-mile radius know them!

We had some funny experiences when they were first allowed outside with various neighbours calling us on a few occasions to tell us they had found our cats if we’d like to come and collect them – they’d just assumed they’d escaped and couldn’t believe such wild looking creatures were allowed to roam free!  We have to also ask all visitors to the house to check their cars before they drive away as the boys are fond of jumping in and having a good look around.  Three and a half years on and they are also still very close, which is lovely – they can be found most days sleeping on our bed together.  Max, you’ll remember as the bigger of the two brothers, always looks out for Spartacus.   

I was very sorry to see on your website that your partner has passed away.  I recall he was always so welcoming when we disturbed your weekends with one of our frequent visits.  It’s also clear from your website that your business has gone from strength to strength, and justly so – our happy boys are testament to your care and hard work! Max and Spartacus send their love to Champagne Bubbles, and we all wish you continued success for the future.

With our best wishes,
Kate and Henry and Max and Spartacus