Owlsdene Bengals Show News TICKEDTICA Show September 2011
TICKEDTICA Show September 2011

TICKEDTICA Show 18th & 19st August 2011

This was the very emotional show for me as it was the week of the aniversary of Ian's death & Mr Bingley's dad Mr Darcy was conceived the day Ian died.   

Mr Bingley had been confirmed TGC before the show & he had an amazing 2 days.  Bingley finaled in all 6 rings on both days finishing Saturday as QGC so just needed to make up the points & get Best Cat in 1 final to become Supreme Grand Champion, he did it in style winning Best Cat in 3 finals & getting the last points needed in the last final of the day. 

Ian died 4 years ago & Mr Bingley became SGC in 4 shows as an adult, wow what a weekend.