Owlsdene Bengals Show News Ragtime TICA Show June 2011
Ragtime TICA Show June 2011

RagtimeTICA Show 25th & 26th June 2011

The 1st show of the new season in our Region with TICA & I took the 3 boys who all had such a successfu season in the last show year

Mr Marbles (RW SGC Owlsdene Hearts Desire) had a great time & delighted lots of people giving them cuddles.  Mr Marbles won BEST CAT in 3 rings & recieved lots of compliments

Mr Bingley (RW Owlsdene Mr Bingley) also had a great show, it was his first outing as an Adult & he was finaled in 7 rings including 3rd place in 5 rings so has earned enough points to become Champion & Grand Champion I am very proud of him. 

Mr Bingley winning his Grand Champion makes him the 5th of Aisha's offspring to win this title which gives her the title of OUTSTANDING DAM which is a very big acheivement.  Mr Marbles was her 4th offspring to get to Grand Champion.  Aisha is such a lovely girl and I am so proud of her and her boys.Laughing

Dreamer (RW Owlsdene Dream Maker) had a good weekend and earned points towards his next title but Mr Bingley was prefered by the judges.