Owlsdene Bengals Facilities
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Here at Owlsdene Bengals, I put the welfare of the cats and kittens at the heart of my breeding program and work very hard to provide a relaxed and stress-free enviroment for the adults and babies. 

The boys Meteros and Ernie have their own houses with spacious internal sleeping quarters and a large outdoor enclosure with climbing equipment and toys.  There is a substantial playroom for the youngsters and off-duty mums.  There is plenty of space for each of the cats to go to a private recluse when they decide they need a quite moment to themselves.

I have a very large, enclosed garden with plenty of room for the cats to run and stretch and play, which they are allowed to do often. In the picture below, the cats are enjoying their favorite game, playing with Da Bird toy. They are incredibly athletic and have amazing dexterity and flexibility. (Inset picture here of cats playing in the back garden.)

Owlsdene is a proud supporter of Freedom Fences. The Freedom Fence™ system allows your cats to enjoy the full run of your garden and grounds all day, whether you are with them or not, and thus hugely improving the quality of their lives. The Freedom Fence pet containment system is a radio fence and not an electric fencing system. Further information on Freedom Fence can be found on our Links page.