1st Adult Bengal to become International-Winner in UK (& still the only one)
Best Bengal Adult TICA EW Region 2011-2012
Best Bengal Kitten TICA EW Region 2010-2011

Brown Spotted Stud
Sire: CH GCCF/SGCA & DGC TICA Owlsdene Mr Darcy
Dam: OD RW SGC Batifoleurs Aisha of Owlsdene (Aisha)

Mr Bingley is a stunning boy with the WOW factor, he is just getting better & better in my eyes & growing into the most amazing boy.

Mr Bingley is one of the kittens from Darcy's last litter, he has certainly finished his breeding career with a bang with this boy.  As you can see from the photos Bingley has a fantastic wild head, small well set ears, large nocturnal eyes with strong muzzle etc.  His body is long & muscular with strong well set limbs & thick tail.  The coat is short & he has a lovely arrow pattern like his Dad & has a lovely white tummy.  He is still growing & maturing & is turning into a fantastic large well muscled boy with the sweetest nature.

Mr Bingley finished the 2011/2012 season as Best Bengal Adult, 3rd Best All Breed Adult & 2nd Best Short Haired Adult in the Region.  I'm very pleased to also report that his son Owlsdene Leopardo took his father's title as Best Bengal Kitten in the region.

I'm very proud to say that Mr Bingley also achieved 20th Best International Short Haired Adult World Wide & is the 1st Bengal Adult in our region to become an International Winner

Mr Bingley finished the 2010/2011 season as Best Bengal Kitten in the Region, 10th Best International Bengal Kitten & 9th Best All Breed Kitten in the region.

Mr Bingley has become SGC (Supreme Grand Champion) in 4 shows as an adult.  His 4th show TickedTica at Swanley on 18th & 19th September, Bingley finaled in all 12 rings including Best Cat in 6 rings giving him his 6,000th point in the last final of the Sunday which earns him the SGC title, I am very proud of him.

Mr Bingley's 1/2 Brother Mr Marbles finished the show year 2011/12 becoming Best Bengal Alter Worldwide, Best Bengal Alter in the region, 2nd Best Allbreed Alter in the region, Aisha certainly knows how to produce superstars.  When Mr Bingley became a Grand Champion he became the 5th offspring of Aisha's achieve this and she has now earned the Title of Outstanding Dam. Aisha may be the 1st Bengal to have 4 sons with IW titles

{pedigree}Name=Owlsdene Mr Bingley{/pedigree}