Owlsdene Diavic Dreamer (Diva)Blue Eyed Snow Marble Queen
Sire: Ikhlas Romeo (Ernie)
Dam: Dijati Champagne Bubbles

Diva is a large bouncy girl with a strong personality and really lives up to her pet name.

Diva has a very good head with lovely puffy whisker pads & good blue eyes. Her ears are well set and reasonably sized. She has a lovely flowing marble pattern with good sized legs and very good thick tail. Diva has grown into a large stunning girl & very cheecky & independant minded.


I am very proud to say that Diva has received the TICA Colour Award for being 2nd Best Seal Lynx Marble for the 2nd year running.  Diva is a TICA Champion & well on her way to becoming a TICA Grand Champion

Diva is enjoying life as a retired girl



Dijati Golden AmberBrown Marbled Queen
Sire: Oaklandhills Chico of Dijati
Dam: Dijati Champagne Bubbles of Owlsdene

Amber is Bubbles' daughter. Although she is not the most dramatic brown marble, she has a good basic pattern and produces stunning kittens with very lively personalities. Her daughter Ami has done very well at the shows.

Amber is a very caring and attentive mother who insists on collecting kitchen towel for her babies to play with (however well hidden it may be!).

Amber is now enjoying a well deserved retirement, she keeps the youngsers in check and enjoys sunning herself on the garden table at every oportunity.

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Adcinsh Owlsdene BaileysBlue-Eyed Snow Marbled Queen
Sire: CH IMP (USA) Goldspurrs Hawkeye
Dam: Dijati Champagne Bubbles

Baileys is Bubbles' daughter. She is also a blue-eyed snow marble. Baileys won TICA's 3rd Best Seal Lynx Worldwide 05/06 (blue-eyed snow marble).  Baileys is a superb example of excellent type and she passes that trait on to her kittens. 

Her offspring have been very successful at shows. Her son Mr Darcy won BEST In SHOW KITTEN at The Bengal Cat Club show, Best Foreign Exibit at his first GCCF show (Cambridgeshire Cat Club Show) and Best Foreign Kitten at the Suffolk and Norfolk Cat Show. He also finalled in the top 5 in 3 all breed rings at his 1st TICA show and is now a GCCF Champion and TICA Double Grand Champion.

Baileys has earned her retirement and I will always cherish her wonderful sweet nature that she has past on to her babies

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Owlsdene Dark Enchantment (Ami)Brown Marbled Queen (76 20)
Sire: Typhast Xcaliber
Dam: Dijati Golden Amber of Owlsdene

Owlsdene Dark Enchantment, or Ami as we know her, is Amber's daughter. Ami has a very energetic and bubbly personality. She is a stunning brown, black and gold marbled girl with very strong, vivid colours. She purrs all day at shows and plays to the judges. Ami qualified for the final of the Crystal Clear Championships, 2006.

People that own Ami's kittens regularly report the mischieviousness their new babies seem to get up to. Additionally, a photograph of Ami's was used to create the tiled background image for this website.

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Brown Spotted Queen
Sire: Ikhlas Romeo (Ernie)
Dam: Owlsdene Dusk Sweet Arrow

Dawn is a charming chatty girl, she is always ready to great me in the morning with a little conversation.  Dawn is a good sized girl, well balanced overall & with a nice marble pattern, she has a good head, well placed medium sized ears & good profile with a pleasant expression and her pattern has a good flow.

Dawn has a good pedigree with her father Ernie Ikhlas Romeo producing several titled cats to SGC (Supreme Grand Champion) & RW (regional Winners) & her grand mother is mum to Dreamer RW TGC Owlsdene Dream Maker As Ernie is a blue eyed snow marble Dawn carries the gene & has produced some lovely snow kittens.

Photos will be uploaded shortly.


Dijati Champagne BubblesBlue-Eyed Snow Marbled Queen
Sire: Bambino Snowking
Dam: Dijati Foxylady

Bubbles is my very first breeding girl. She has gorgeous strong blue eyes and is a very caring, loving, and attentive mother. She often jumps from the floor to my shoulder for Bubbles cuddles.  I am very grateful to Diana Boyce for letting me have this wonderful girl and guiding me through the early stages of my breeding experience including sitting up with me at 3am waiting for kittens.   

Bubbles' offspring all have gentle loving personalities. Her offspring have done very well on the show bench, including her daughter Baileys who has done extremely well in TICA winning 3rd Best Worldwide Seal Lynx Point Marble.  Bubbles' granddaughter Ami was one of the top 5 cats in 3 different rings at her 1st TICA show as an adult.

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Owlsdene CookieCrumble (Cookie)Brown Spotted Queen
Sire: CH (GCCF) Typhast Meteoros of Owlsdene
Dam: DGCH (TICA) Typhast Coolhunter of Owlsdene (Honey)

Although I had not planned to keep a kitten from Honey and Meteoros's mating I could not let those spots go.  As you will see from the photos her spots have a rich ruffus colour with a dark outline. 

Cookie is a wonderful, friendly girl with all the cheek of a teenager.

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Typhast Coolhunter (Honey)Brown Spotted Queen
Sire: Gogees Wardance of Typhast
Dam: Typhast Extraspecial

Honey is my first brown spotted girl. I am very grateful to Barrie and Rosie Alger-Street for allowing me to have such a wonderful girl.

Honey has a very big personality and lets her opinion be known. I took Honey to my first TICA show in 2005 as a kitten where she finalled in 3 out of 4 rings and won more points than any other Bengal (adult, kitten or neuter) for the year. Honey is now a TICA Double Grand Champion and will hopefully become a Triple Grand Champion very soon. Honey's daughter from her first litter, Lodi, has also done very well at shows and is now a GCCF Champion.

When playing outside, Honey is often seen bouncing down the garden like a gazelle, which is very amusing.  Honey and her offspring love to return the compliment with washes and kisses when they are being stroked and cuddled.

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Owlsdene Malibu SunriseBlue-Eyed Snow Spotted Stud
Sire: CH (GCCF) Spotticatz Barnaby
Dam: Owlsdene Tropical Storm

Mali is developing into a very promising boy, being a blue eyed snow his spotted pattern is still coming through, it is now developing well and showing a superb depth of colour and pattern.  Mali has a superb typey head, his eye colour is good and he is becoming a strong muscular boy of good size.

Mali enjoys playing in the garden and he and Darcy have great fun chasing each other and leaping for flying insects.  Mali has produced some fabulous kittens with Ami and has done very well in the show ring.  At his 1st show Malibu won his open, Best of Breed and 1st & 2nd in side classes.  He was well behaved and enjoyed chatting to people, I look forward to seeing how he does at future shows.

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Owlsdene CopplestoneBrown Spotted Queen
Sire: CH (GCCF) Typhast Meteoros of Owlsdene
Dam: DGCH (TICA) Typhast Coolhunter of Owlsdene (Honey)

More details coming soon about Owlsdene Copplestone.

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Owlsdene Phoenix of MarsBrown Spotted Stud
Sire: CH (GCCF) Typhast Meteoros of Owlsdene
Dam: CH (GCCF) Owlsdene Lodestar Rising

Date of Birth: 4th March 2008

1 Stunning Brown Spotted boy, serious show winning potienial.  He has large doughnut rosetted spots and he is coming into his colour nicely, with a wonderful typey head and a very friendly nature. This boy is so spectacular that, for the moment, I've decided he's staying here. I'll have him out in the show rings this year to see how he does, so watch this space!

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Ikhlas Romeo (Ernie)Blue-Eyed Snow Marbled Stud
Sire: Finegold Aramis
Dam: Ikhlas Brulee

Our newest stud addition to Owlsdene is Ernie, who joined us in December 2007. He is a Blue Eyed Snow with well defined marbling and an outstanding temperament. He has terrific type which he passes onto his offspring.  Ernie is a very loving boy with a playful nature. Take a look at his beautiful blue eyes.

Ernie is available to selected girls that are completely heathy, fully vaccinated and have been tested for FELV and FIV.

 Many thanks to Jacky Bliss of Purebliss Bengals for allowing him to come to me. Although we have only had a couple of litters here, he is producing outstanding kittens.

Ernie is now retired and enjoying life with one of his daughters in North Oxfordshire.  I have 3 of his daughters that I am looking forward to seeing how they grow & mature

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Owlsdene Avalon (Ewok)Brown Spotted Queen
Sire: Typhast Lancelot
Dam: Owlsdene Mid Winter Star

Owlsdene Avalon (Ewok) has a lovely gentle nature and always ready to chat.  She has given me a beatiful girl to Darcy who has captured the best points of both parents so watch out for her in the future

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Brown spotted Stud
Sire: Mainstreet Xtreme (FIFE World Champion)
Dam: RW SGC Batifoleurs Aisha of Owlsdene (Aisha)

Major is a fantastic brown spotted boy and brother to Mr Marbles.  He has really rich colours, a short tail, lovely outline and a really soft coat with beautiful rosetting and small rounded ears.  He is very gentle, calm and sweet.  He has a lovely character just like all Aisha’s offspring.  Judging from his first litters, the evidence is that he is passing on his adorable nature to his own offspring together with his rich colour and pattern.  Some of his offspring are also showing signs of having wild looking heads, short tails and small ears like their Dad.  Major’s father is a FIFe world champion.  Following in his father’s footsteps, Major is already well on his way to becoming a FIFe champion.  At his very first FIFe show he finished as ‘Best of the Best’ beating all other section ‘Best in Show’ cats.  He has also been shown under TICA where he won ‘Best Cat’ in one of his final shows as a kitten.

Typhast MeteorosBrown Spotted Stud
Sire: Gogees Art Exhibit
Dam: Gogees Centerpiece of Typhast

Meteoros was my very first boy. He is very striking with a superb, sleek and dense coat dripping in glitter.  As you can see from his photographs he has black outlined horseshoe and large arrowhead rosettes with rich ruffus centers on a warm pale gold background.

Meteoros has a strong head with fantastic profile, strong whisker pads, well set small ears and a nice strong white chin.  He is a very friendly boy who loves cuddles although he is a little shy with strangers.  He is such a gentle boy with no agressive tendancies at all and all his kittens have his same wonderful outgoing personality.

Meteoros won his 3rd Challenge Certificate at the Wiltshire & District Cat Show making him a Champion (GCCF).

The kittens he is producing are simply breathtaking and I could not wish for a better boy.  You can see from the show section how well some of his offspring have done.

I would like to thank Barrie and Rosie Alger-Street of Typhast Bengals for allowing me to have him, he is truly a great asset to my Bengal breeding programme.

Meteoros has gone to live in a lovely home with his son Tango where they have 9 acres to run around in & he is having a fantastic time.

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Owlsdene Miami MagicBrown Marbled Queen
Sire: Typha Spottimuldoon
Dam: DGCH (TICA) Owlsdene Dark Enchantment (Ami)

Miami is Ami's daughter. Miami is now a striking young adult, with a very mischievous personality. Miami has 4 strongly contrasting rich colours in an unusual flow pattern.  Miami has now got her 1st litter and is being an excellant mum, she is very proud of her babies.

Miami has had some superb judges' comments on her very vivid markings and colour contrast.

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Owlsdene Oakgrove TallulahBrown Marbled Queen
Sire: Gogees Tomorrow's Child of Typhast
Dam: DGCH (TICA) Typhast Coolhunter of Owlsdene (Honey)

Tallulah is Honey's daughter. Tallulah is a very playful girl that loves to curl up on my lap for cuddles. She is also a very devoted mother.

You can see from the photos on her page that she has a dramatic marble pattern with rich golden background.

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