The Girls

Owlsdene Tangerine DreamBrown spotted queen
Sire: RW SGC Purebliss Pleasuredome
Dam: OD RW SGC Batifoleurs Aisha of Owlsdene

Tangy is a lovely girl with a super friendly character, she has an excellent wild typey head with the most amazing wild eyes.  Tangy has a well proportioned strong body and an amazing short thick tail.  Tangy's mum is Aisha is my first cat with the title "Outstanding Dam as well as Regional Winner and Supreme Grand Champion" and her 1/2 brother Bingley is my first cat with the title "International Winner" & he is still the only Bengal Adult in UK with this title

I am looking forward to Tangy's kittens.

Tangy & I have had great fun attending shows last season (2013/2014) & she was awarded 3rd Best Brown Spotted Bengal She just missed out on a regional win, coming 4th best Bengal Kitten & 4th Best Bengal Adult



Batifoleurs Aisha of Owlsdene (Aisha)Brown spotted queen
Sire: RW TGC Rockymeoutains Romeow of Goldspurr
Dam: Batifoleurs Iris of Hunterdonhall

Aisha is a fantastic girl, she has an excellent wild typey head with fantastic small ears, she has a large frame and an amazing short thick tail.  Aisha is my first cat with the title "Regional Winner and Supreme Grand Champion" and she has produced some exceptional cats.  I have only has Aisha for a short time and have been truly impressed with her wonderful gentle charming character which her kittens inherit in abundance.

My first litter of kittens with Aisha were fathered by Mainstreet Xtreme who is World Champion with FIFE.  It has been a real joy to watch these kittens develop, Hearts Desire (Mr Marbles) and Major are both wonderful boys and have the sweetest personalities to go with their stunning looks and have had a great Show career to date.  Their brother Gandalf lives with the Fleming family with 2 small children where he is a great success and absolutely brilliant with the little ones.

Aisha's most successful son to date is Irene's IW SGC Batifoleurs Wild Illusion who was Best International Bengal Kitten 06/07 and Best International Bengal Adult 07/08.  Owlsdene Mr Bingley has become the 5th of Aisha's offspring to earn the TICA Title Grand Champion and this qualifies Aisha the title OUTSTAND DAM in recognition for producing these successful offspring

Aisha's has given me a truely fantastic boy with her mating with Mr Darcy who is modestly following in his brother's footsteps. 2010/11 Mr Bingley was Best Bengal Kitten in Europe Western Region & 9th Best International Bengal Kitten, I am so excited to see how he developes.  Bingley is 1/2 brother to Hearts Desire (Mr Marbles) who was Best Bengal Alter in the region & 2nd Best Internationsl Bengal Alter.  2011/12 Both boys made me very proud becoming International Qinners (top 25 All Breed Worldwide)  Mr Bingley becoming the 1st Western Europe Adult to achieve this.  Mr Marbles also did one better becoming Best Bengal Alter Internationally

I am very grateful to Irene Van Belzen for allowing me to have Aisha who is already proving to be a great credit to my breeding program.


Owlsdene Little Lade (Littley)Brown spotted queen
Sire: CH GCCF/DGC & QGCA TICA Owlsdene Mr Darcy
Dam: Dijati Golden Amber

Littley is a really nice girl with the sweet gentle personality of her parents, she has superb rich colours & lovely spot pattern  Littley has a good head with strong features lovely profile strong muzzle & good chin.  Her ears are medium, well placed with rounded tips.

Littley has lovely large spots, she is a well built girl & she loves her food so has a slghtly rounded tummy most of the time.

Littley is a great mum, realy attentive while the are young then loves playing with them when they are a bit bigger.  Her friendly nature comes through in her babies and they are real purr babies.

Amber sadly picked Littley up by her tail when she was very young & has damaged part of it, the tail is not complete broken & she does have use of it but it means I am not able to take her out to shows where otherwise I am sure she will have shown off to the judges & done well.

Unfortunately there is a technical problem so the pedigree is not loading correctly, this is being looked into & hopefully will be resolved very soon.


Owlsdene Artemis (Arti)Brown Marbled Queen
Sire: Gogees Tomorrow's Child of Typhast
Dam: DGCH (TICA) Typhast Coolhunter of Owlsdene (Honey)

Arti is Honey's daughter. She has a beautiful whirling pattern and likes to tell me all her news.

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Owlsdene Lodestar Rising (Lodi)Brown Spotted Queen
Sire:  Chattycats Thunderbolt 
Dam: DGCH (TICA) Typhast Coolhunter of Owlsdene (Honey)

Lodi is Honey's daughter. She has a much more gentle personality than her mother, Honey. Lodi is a very caring mother. She chases after her babies as they venture from their nest and is forever chatting to them.

Lodi has fantastic large spots and produces dramatic kittens. Her son Mr Force was the highest placed Bengal kitten at the GCCF Supreme Show 2007.

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