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Ami's Summer 2010 Kittens

Ami's Summer 2010 Kittens1 Snow Marble boy remaining
Sire: CH GCCF/TGC TICA Owlsdene Malibu Sunrise
Dam: DGCH (TICA) Owlsdene Dark Enchantment (Ami)

Date of Birth: 14th April 2010
Date of Rehoming: Ready now

Very friendy, boystrious kittens, they love to curl up in one big pile on my lap for a quick cuddle after bouncing around playing with their toys.

2 Snow Marble boys, 1 Snow Marble girl, 1 Snow Spotted boy &2 brown spotted boys from show winning lines. Mum won best of Breed at all but one outing & was placed in 4 out of 5 finals in her 1st TICA adult show.  Dad became my 1st TICA Triple Grand Champion before 1 yr old and is well on his way to becoming a Quad Grand Champion.  Both parents are very loving friendly cats and Ami will jump to my shoulder for cuddles.

Superb, very affectionate kittens with lovely personalities. they have good solid markings and lovely strong colours. Marbles showing marbling within the marble patterns.  Brown spotted showing large spots showing rosetting coming through even before fuzzies. Great horizontal flow, excellent heads with wild expression, broad noses with strong muzzles, full whisker pads and exceptional profiles.  I love the kittens these 2 parents product

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Aisha's Winter 2009 Kittens

Aisha's Winter 2009 Kittens 2 brown spotted boys (both boys now sold)

Sire: CH GCCF/DGC TICA Owlsdene Mr Darcy
Dam: Batifoleurs Aisha of Owlsdene

Date of Birth: 6th December 2009
Date of Rehoming: March 2010

This is my 2nd litter from this amazing girl and I am very grateful to Irene van Belzen for allowing my to have her.  These kittens are absolutely charming.  1 boy has lovely wild head developing, both have wonderful rosetted spots on dark outline and lovely small ears.   They both show all the promise of their older half brothers who have both done extremely well at shows and had lots of compliments about their wonderful temperaments.

   Both boys now sold and I have to admit missing their wonderful personalities.  I look forward to my next litter of kittens with Aisha

Honey's Winter 2009 Kittens

Honey's Winter 2009 Kittens 1 brown spotted boy and 1 brown spotted girl

Sire: CH GCCF/DGC TICA Owlsdene Mr Darcy
Dam: DGCH (TICA) Typhast Coolhunter

Date of Birth: 7th October 2009
Date of Rehoming: End of Jan 2010

These kittens are truly stunning with good typey heads, rich rufus rosetted spots contrasting against black outline, clear background and white tummies.  They have lovely personalities, the boy is very friendly and playful and a really lovely character. 

The girl is definately good enough for breeding and I would be very pleased to see either of them going to a home that is interested in doing a little showing.

Copple's Winter 2009 Kittens

Copple's Winter 2009 Kittens 2 brown spotted boys and 4 brown spotted girls - I brown spotted girl available
Sire: Ikhlas Romeo (Ernie)
Dam: Owlsdene Copplestone

Date of Birth: Mid October
Date of Rehoming: End of Jan 2010

Each of the kittens in this litter is very different to their siblings. There are a couple a kittens with wild looking heads, they have great personalities and are very chatty, especailly first thing in the morning when the only thing on their mind is breakfast even if it bouncing on me at 6am to tell me so. 

Miami's Summer 2009 Kittens

Miami's Summer 2009 Kittens Brown Spotted - 2 girls, Brown Marble - 1 girl

Sire: Owlsdene Phoenix of Mars
Dam: Owlsdene Miami Magic

Date of Birth: 2nd June 2009
Date of Rehoming: September 2009

From this mating of Miami & Phoenix we have 2 brown spotted girls available and one brown marble girl. These lovely kittens have amazing glitter and are cheeky beyond belief. They have their mothers laid back personality which is a temperament that would sit well with a family having younger children. Their coats are showing beautiful patterns coming through and they share Dad's wonderful wild facial markings. The spotted girls have nice large spots which are starting to rosette and share their mothers rich brown colourings. The marbles are showing intricate patterns and developing several layers of colour. Contact me today for more information or to arrange a viewing.

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