Owlsdene Bengals Cats Kittens Available Arti's Spring 2014 Kittens
Arti's Spring 2014 Kittens
Tuesday, 25 March 2014 00:00

Arti's Autumn 2008 Kittens1 Brown Marble Girl, 1 Brown Spot Boy
Sire: IW SGC Owlsdene Mr Bingley (Bingley)
Dam: CH Owlsdene Artemis

Date of Birth: 24th February 2014
Date of Rehoming: End of Mat 2014

I am really pleased with these 2 kittens.  Arti & Bing have again given me 2 lovely looking kittens, they both show a lot of promise, I am very impressed with them.

Both kittens have very good heads, with very promising profiles, ears look well placed & rounded tips.  I love the pattern on the marble girl and rich colours developing already at 4 weeks. The spots are large and clear on a pale backgroud, just beginning to show rosetting as they come out of the fuzzy stage. Please contact me for more information on these little stunners!  (The marble girl is on hold)

Other Info: TICA Registered, Microchipped, 4 week Petplan or Agria Insurance, Fully Vaccinated, De worming & Flea programme, Full Info Pack, Bedding to help with transfer, Toys, Sample food & litter etc.

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