Available Kittens

Kitten PlayingAt Owlsdene Bengals I will often have 2-3 litters of kittens currently available for adoption. I find that this is really about the most I can have at a time and still give a proper amount of attention to each individual kitten.

All of our kittens are raised in my home and recieve loads of personal attention all the way from birth to their eventual new home.

I also have some retiring adult girls and boys available looking for loving forever homes. 

Please enjoy as well viewing our previous kitten litter pages.

Littley's Spring 2015 Kittens
Saturday, 23 May 2015 00:00

Littley's Summer 2012 Kittens 3 brown spotted kittens

Sire: RW TGC Owlsdene Dream Maker
Dam: Owlsdene Little Lady

Date of Birth: 21th March 2015
Date of Rehoming: June 2015

Littley & Dreamer have given me lovely kittens, both parents have wonderful laid back personalities and the kittens have this affectionate sweet nature with very playful inquisitive nature.  They all love a lot of fuss & find my lap as soon as I sit down.

They have wild expression from dad & are real bundles of fun, they are very friendly and playful and really lovely characters and would be fantastic with children.

photos being updated shortly, I have left some pictures of kittens playing in the garden so you can see them having great fun

Lodi's Spring 2015 Kittens
Saturday, 23 May 2015 00:00

IW SGC Owlsdene Mr Bingley (Bingley)
Dam: CH GCCF Owlsdene Lodestar Rising (Lodi)

Date of Birth: 28th January 2015
Date of Rehoming: Ready now

This girl is a real sweetheart, she has a lovely flow to her pattern with a pale background & arrow spots like her Dad with warm colour developing inside her spots.she will be a stunning girl.

This littel girl has lovely white spectacles, which exaggerate the wild expression, she will grow into a stunning Bengal & if anything like her mother a real chatter box & with the gentle personality of their dad they have superb personalities & will make a wonderful cheeky pet

Other Info: TICA Registered, Microchipped, 4 week Petplan Insurance, Fully Vaccinated, De worming & Flea programme, Full Info Pack, Bedding to help with transfer, Toys, Sample food & litter etc

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Perri's Summer 2014 Kittens
Monday, 08 September 2014 00:00

Perri's Summer 2014 Kittens1 Brown Spotted girl & 4 Brown Spotted boys (2 Boys available)
Sire: Owlsdene Frank Sinatra (Franky)
Dam: Owlsdene Yellow Peril (Perri)

Date of Birth: 9th June 2014
Date of Rehoming: Mid September 2014

These kittens are really stunning with lovely friendly personalities, the colour & clarity of the coats is wonderful.  The largest boy has wonderful warm colouring coming through within his large spots, the other kittens show the signs of the same quality but the colour is slower to come through, the smaller boy is dripping with glitter.

All the kittens have lovely pale backgrounds & there are signs of white tummies which I love.  As you will see from the photos they have excellent typey heads on well proportioned bodies with superb well placed rounded ears & I am very pleased with the way the profiles are developing.  These babies will be stunning eye catching examples of the breed with superb warm personalities,  their mum is litter sister to QGC Owlsdene Tangerine Dream who has had a great time being shown last season as a kitten & adult & finished the season 4th Best Bengal Kitten & 4th Best Bengal Adult in TICA Western Europe Region & 3rd Best Brown Spotted Bengal Adult

Lodi's Summer 2014 Kittens
Tuesday, 08 July 2014 00:00

Lodi's Summer 2014 KittensAll kittens now rehomed
Sire: RW TGC Owlsdene Dream Maker (Dreamer)
Dam: CH GCCF Owlsdene Lodestar Rising (Lodi)

Date of Birth: 5th May 2014
Date of Rehoming: Ready now

These kittens are big & bold with lovely friendly personalities. The brown marble girl has a very mischievious personality, she has a lovely flow to her pattern, the colour takes longer to develop in the marbles, you can see the warm brown coming into her pattern & she will be a stunning girl. The brown spotted girl has a beautiful coat, the rich warm background colours like her mum against the rosetted spots which have a dark outline, Dream Maker gives fantastic contrast to  the spots.

There is a technical problem loading the kittens pedigree so please click on the parents names above & that will take you to their pages where you can see the ancestors, hoping our tech can fix the problem soon

Both kittens have lovely white spectacles, which exaggerate their wild expression.  They will both grow into stunning Bengals & with the combination of the bouncy chatty mum & the gentle personality of their dad they have superb personalities & will make wonderful cheeky pets

Arti's Spring 2014 Kittens
Tuesday, 25 March 2014 00:00

Arti's Autumn 2008 Kittens1 Brown Marble Girl, 1 Brown Spot Boy
Sire: IW SGC Owlsdene Mr Bingley (Bingley)
Dam: CH Owlsdene Artemis

Date of Birth: 24th February 2014
Date of Rehoming: End of Mat 2014

I am really pleased with these 2 kittens.  Arti & Bing have again given me 2 lovely looking kittens, they both show a lot of promise, I am very impressed with them.

Both kittens have very good heads, with very promising profiles, ears look well placed & rounded tips.  I love the pattern on the marble girl and rich colours developing already at 4 weeks. The spots are large and clear on a pale backgroud, just beginning to show rosetting as they come out of the fuzzy stage. Please contact me for more information on these little stunners!  (The marble girl is on hold)

More Details, Pedigree & Photos
Sam's Spring 2013 Kittens
Thursday, 30 May 2013 00:00

2 Seal Lynx Spotted Boys (Blue eyed snow), 1 Brown Spotted Boy & 1 Brown Spotted Girls
Sire: IW SGC Owlsdene Mr Bingley (Bingley)
Dam: Owsldene Sambuca Salsa (Sam)

Date of Birth: 3rd April 2013
Date of Rehoming: July 2013

These are my first snow kittens from Mr Bingley & I am delighted with them.  Sam & Bingley have produced a stunning group of kittens

I just love the heads on the boys especially, really stricking, overall well balanced with lovely large spots.  The girls have rich colours developing, fantastic pedigrees really giving these kittens that extra something

Apologies having a few technical problems so photos will appear shortly