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Why Bengals? | Which Bengal is Right for Me?

Bengals are unique in their beauty in that they look like a wild animal! Bengals have very sleek, muscular bodies. Many Bengals have the appearance of glitter in their coats which will glisten in light, seemingly like gold dust sprinkled on their bodies. To the touch, they feel satiny smooth. They have slightly smallish, broad wedge-shaped heads that are topped with small, rounded ears. Bengal tails are short, thick and usually carried low. Overall, Bengals are medium to large in size.

Though the looks may be wild, their temperament is anything but! Bengals are docile animals, very curious, very affectionate, and also extremely playful.  They will often play hard and then drop of exhaustion.  They are fascinated by water.  Bengals make great companions because they are so affectionate to their people. They will often follow their people around the house, investigating the goings-on around them.

Why Bengals?

The fact that you are on this website means you have begun to look into the possibilty of owning a Bengal for yourself. Welcome to our website! Before you officially decide, you must first consider WHY you are interested in a Bengal. Some people want a Bengal to own a unique, wild-looking, tame creature in place of a real wild animal. Some people love the beautiful patterns and spots that can be found on a Bengal. Others may want one as a sidekick for a lonely person, another pet, or an invalid. Still others purchase Bengals to breed for their lovely characteristics or to show. Whatever your reasons for wanting one, if you carefully research what is involved in homing a Bengal, both your chequebook and your Bengal cat will thank you later!

Which Bengal is Right for Me?

While each Bengal breeder may be different as far as what characteristics or traits they try to bring out in the breed (such as the shape of the ears, or the bright white of the cat's belly (called "whited"), or the size and shape of their eyes or ears) each individual cat has different personalities. Also, the age of the cat plays a part in how active the cat is going to be, as well as how many Bengals are brought home. Are there any other pets already in the home, like a bird or a dog? Will your new kitten have a companion of either another cat/kitten or yourself? Are there small children in the home? All these factors are important considerations on choosing the right fit between the Bengal and the family.

For instance, Bengals are very active and playful cats, especially as kittens. They are curious and full of energy, and often play, play, play till they drop of exhaustion. They enjoy running through the house, batting small toys around, leaping, jumping, and other physical activities. Bengal cats can actually jump quite high, as shown in the picture. Here at Owlsdene Bengals, we send each of our clients home with a great cat toy called Da Bird made by Go-Cat Feather Toys. The Da Bird toy gives the cats the opportunity to exercise their muscles, and the feeling they are hunting prey (like their ancestors did in the wild), not to mention they think it's great fun!

As a result of the Bengal's activity level, for homes that have all adults working during the day, the family might consider bringing home two Bengals, to keep each other more entertained during the day time. Someone who is home throughout the day might do well with only one Bengal to care for as Bengals make wonderful companions because they are so docile and loving to their owners. Families with small children, on a different note, should choose a Bengal that is confident and outgoing, who will not run and hide each time the child moves quickly, or gets loud, etc.